Camilla Field is a Certified Coach focused on helping people navigate challenges and embrace opportunities by integrating their minds, hearts and bodies through individually tailored programs.

Drawing on a diverse education culled from a variety of traditions, Camilla’s unique approach allows her clients to see themselves, and nuanced aspects of their lives, with greater clarity, thereby enabling them to approach life more appropriately and skillfully.  Aside from offering individualized coaching programs, Camilla also offers stand-alone Enneagram Assessments for those who aren’t ready to commit to a longer program, but are curious about learning more about their dominant Ego patterns and behaviors.

More recently, she is developing  a new area of focus called, Soul-to-Soul Parenting: Parenting with Compassion, to support parenting individually based on their children’s dominant Enneagram Types.  To learn more, listen to the following radio interview from Contact Talk Radio’s program What We Need to Know with Andrea Isaacs:

“I feel deeply honored by my clients’ willingness to allow me to be part of their personal development journeys.  Coaching others always leaves me feeling ‘whole’ and supports my own growth and movement towards living an authentic life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to do this important work.” ~ Camilla

Camilla Field Integral Coaching